5 comments on “Rios Homestead, Big Bend Ranch State Park

  1. Another wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing. The piece of wood you carved for us with the bible verse is on the piano and every time I walk by it I think of of you guys. Love it and all your pictures.

    Love Kathy

    Kathy Smith kc2tx63@verizon.net

  2. Now, this is the sort of landscape and hiking that would be more accessible for me — not having four wheel drive and all that. I’m still intrigued by those bluebonnets. When you wrote about them before — last year, maybe? — I thought they’d be wonderful to see. Maybe next year. I like the thought of them just blooming away back there, away from everyone: perfectly happy in their native habitat.

    I liked your emphasis on permission and responsibility, too. When I visited Monument Rocks in Kansas, I really was impressed by the fact that it, too, is on private land, and yet has been made accessible. There’s just a sign that says, essentially, “Don’t litter, don’t take souvenirs, and don’t bother the plants and wildlife.” The place was as clean as could be , and just beautiful.

    Of course, like your territory out there in west Texas, western Kansas doesn’t get a lot of tourism. Most people don’t think there’s anything worth seeing. 🙂

  3. Yes, I wrote about these huge bluebonnets last year. Most people can’t believe how early they bloom down here. Early April is usually peak for the hill country bluebonnets that are much smaller.
    Is Monument Rocks on the Oregon Trail? I just finished reading a wonderful book, “The Oregon Trail,” by Rinker Buck. I’ll bet he talks about a lot of the places you visited in Kansas. It’s about a modern-day crossing of the Oregon Trail from Missouri to Oregon in a mule-driven covered wagon in 2014.
    Thanks for the comments.

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