3 comments on “The South Rim

  1. When I think of rattlesnakes, I think of the diamondback; I’m not well-versed in the other species. This one was beautiful, although I think you were right to encourage him away with a long stalk.

    I know the prickly pear, of course. I think the little white ones might be a fleabane or aster. But the flowers that stopped me cold are those orange/fuchsia/magenta “stars.” That combination of colors always makes me think of Central America and Mexico. They’re so vibrant, and so beautiful together. I’ve seen them combined in the artificial flowers in Mexican cemeteries I’ve visited.

    Starting early to beat the heat is something I understand. Perhaps I should think of my days on the docks as training for desert hiking.

  2. I was just blown away by that bouquet of little “stars.” It was the only group I saw, and it was tucked away in a little shaded cove in a drainage gully at about 7000 feet. I have no Texas wildflower books that show these beautiful little gems. And yes, those combinations of colors are very “south of the border.” Thanks for the tip on the little white ones.

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