4 comments on “Blood Marks the Trail

  1. So much of this is unfamiliar, in the best way. But I had to smile at that last photo; it evokes beach life here, as the outgoing tide creates the same sort of pattern. The flower is a delight, too. Do its petals change color as it ages? It certainly looks as though they’re both white and lavender. It reminds me of our rain lily, or evening primrose, that sometimes change color as they fade.

    How convenient that a chair was left out for you. Did you have to shoo other shade-loving creatures out of the way?

  2. A great observation about the tidal sand flow at the beach, having spent many, many mornings walking the Gulf beaches. The petals of the flower are white and lavender when they bloom, and do not change color. I’m currently trying to identify this plant. It only grows to a total height of 6-8 inches. As for the chair, I had no competition. Seems we humans are the only idiots out walking around in the desert at mid-day. Thanks for the comments.

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