7 comments on “Marufo Vega Revisited

  1. I really enjoy these trips you take. I must come join you someday. Sure looks different than our area. I can imagine just how HOT it must get around mid-summer.

  2. That’s why we come see you in summer, and you belong here in winter. Actually, at our house up here at 4100′ altitude it seldom gets above 100. By June the monsoonal flow from the Pacific gives us clouds and it gets cooler, usually low to mid 90’s, and very dry. Much better than Dallas. Thanks for the comment.

  3. That was a nice trip. Thanks for letting me tag along. At least going this way me feet don’t hurt. By the way Dan is cancer free once again. Praise God!!!

    Love Kathy

  4. What a great hike. The mountains at sunset and sunrise are especially beautiful. It’s always interesting to watch the play of light. And I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the Milky Way like that. It’s probably been fifteen years. I’ve been in places where it should have been possible, but clouds or a full moon diminished the effect.

    Thanks for providing such an image-rich post.

  5. I have been looking at your site here for a couple of hours. Very nice. I appreciate your hard work assembling the photos and comments, having done a bit of it myself. I also love the Marufo Trail. I have been exploring Big Bend for 24 years and am just scratching the surface, which is good; I’d hate to run out. I post my photos at Flickr and have an Album of my April 2016 day hike on the Marufo Trail at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pepesreturn/albums It was 100º or so that day but I did find shade here and there, next to east – west cliffs.

  6. I should mention that on Flickr, using the Slideshow view will keep ads or the “sign in” nags from pestering the viewer who does not sign in. In Windows, the F11 key works well with the slideshow mode, for full screen.

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